By focusing on our properties, paying attention to even the smallest detail and sticking to a carefully formulated business plan, we believe it’s possible to guarantee a constant, above average return on investments – regardless of the current macroeconomic situation.


We follow an investment strategy tailored to our exact needs. It relies on a combination of quantitative value investing, fundamental analysis of the financial instruments adopted by opportunistic real estate funds alongside vertical integration of our investments and an operational approach towards finances. Our goal is to minimize the impact the macroeconomic context may have on our results – ideally achieving a rigid rate of return by sensibly adhering to the basic principles of hedge funds. In order to maximize our profits, we  follow a series of risk-reducing and risk-managing strategies, adjusting them on an ongoing basis.

The assets we deem as undervalued are chosen according to a complex

method. It combines macroeconomic, fundamental and deep comparative analysis backed up by a staggering amount of automatically processed data.

As properties are by definition incomplete assets, we invest solely in  key locations of larger cities. Thanks to this, the illiquidity of real estates as financial assets has a greatly reduced impact on our operations.

Our funds invest directly into the real estate market, bypassing any and all financial instruments and securities belonging to companies. They deal exclusively with medium-term and long-term investments. We collaborate solely with the corporate investor.

Our Philosophy

In work we adhere to a set of rules, a philosophy written down by us many years ago, which still remains current:

Excellence of form and function

Functionality cannot be reduced to a simple sum of all the useful facets of a building. Architecture should inspire, affect, reach out for what comprises the essence of beauty – a thing only attainable through the adoption of a proper form. For this reason, we firmly believe excellence emerges when form and functionality clash together.

An uncompromising attitude

Great architecture knows no compromise, and good buildings can have it all – be it a truly inspirational workplace, a soothing spot for resting that gives you a sense of security or a communal space pulsing with energy. We work tirelessly and pay attention to every detail of our projects, because we believe that our buildings can set standards in real estate and exceed the expectations of their future users.

Vision and determination

Properties which are unique determine the future of architecture and gain a timeless status. Buildings must be authentic not reconstructive. Therefore it is important for us to have a clear vision of every project and courage to carry it out.